Cupid Points His Arrow Towards Burlington

Twinkling lights, snow-capped trees and stunning Lake Champlain scenery–I challenge you to find a more romantic Valentine’s Day setting than Burlington. From top-notch eateries to evening waterfront strolls—Burlington sets the mood for you and your honey.


With Cupid’s holiday near, you only have so much time to layout your special evening: Where should you make reservations? What gift should you purchase? How are you going to “wow” that special someone? Don’t stress—make this Valentine’s Day memorable with our help.  Follow this itinerary, and you are sure to impress:

6:30 pm.

With City Market, Kathy & Company Flowers and Lake Champlain Chocolates right around the corner, you have no excuse showing up empty-handed.  Both City Market and Kathy & Company offer quality, fresh cut flowers and creative floral designs; accompany those lilies or roses with any assortment of Lake Champlain Chocolates’ indulgent sweets.

7:30 pm.

Pamper your taste buds by making reservations at the Hen of the Wood. With its warm ambiance and elegant menu, Hen of the Wood is a Valentine’s Day dinner sanctuary. World class service without the complexity, Hen of the Wood offers a simple menu and a serene experience to impress not stress those looking for sophisticated dining.

9:00 pm.

Wine.jpgNext up is drinks at Hen of the Wood’s neighbor, Hotel Vermont’s Juniper Bar. Chic, cozy and loaded with Vermont flair, the Juniper Bar has a diverse drink menu that you can either explore inside amongst rustic décor or outside before their fire pit.  Vermont beers, house-made liquors and a homey air—the Juniper Bar is both comfortable and inviting. It’s the perfect ending to an otherwise perfect evening.

Swoon your date and celebrate love in Burlington, VT. After all, even the least affectionate could use a little BTV romance.

Looking for other Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out all of Burlington’s fine eateries and shops here.

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