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It’s true, Vermont is not for everyone. It’s not known for its high-rises or all-night club scene.  A Vermonters’ definition of sprawl is the arms-wide-open stretch enjoyed while picnicking along the lake. And you may have heard, it snows here from time to time.

However, these are attributes that locals love. If quality of life, the beauty and recreation of four seasons and a warm, welcoming community are top priorities – not just living, but thriving in Vermont comes easily. The Lake Champlain region is an ideal place to make a living, but also, it’s an ideal place to make the most of each day.

With the beautiful and outdoors-action-packed backdrop of the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, Vermont tops many “Bests” lists and is frequently recognized for its livability and overall quality of life. The state’s relatively small population and land area make for easy community immersion as well as a postcard-worthy commute. Small town friendliness is met with a bustling college city vibe complete with a thriving arts and culture scene. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to find an even more peaceful pace in the surrounding forests, farm valleys, mountain towns and lakeside villages.

Impress future neighbors with these Green Mountain State Facts:

  • There are about 626,000 Vermont residents across Vermont’s 251 towns and cities.
  • Vermont’s largest city is Burlington, with a population of about 42,000.
  • Vermont ranks 49th among U.S. states in population and 43rd in land area.
  • Vermont was first to abolish slavery in its constitution.
  • Vermont was the first State to legally recognize gay couples when it created civil unions, and it’s the first state to pass marriage equality through the legislature.
  • It is the birthplace of two U.S. Presidents – Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.
  • Vermont is one of the top producers of U.S. Olympic skiers and riders in the nation.

Accolades to be Proud of:

  • The United Health Foundation has ranked Vermont among the Top Four healthiest states in the US since 2003, often taking turns for first place with Hawaii.
  • Vermont is one of the most peaceful places to live according to the United States Peace Index.
  • Kiplinger’s has rated Burlington in the Top 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade.
  • Burlington has been named the best place to raise a family by Men’s Health magazine.
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Written By:  Jen Williams, @Jen_Butson for the Chambers Experience Burlington magazine.

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