Vermont Brewers Festival Celebrates America’s Favorite Pastime

America: Land of the Free, Home of the Craft Brew

George Washington beer
President and beer-enthusiast, George Washington, serving up a pint of freedom

George Washington may have established the presidency, but being the crownless King of a newfangled republic was simply his day job. His real passion? Beer.

Before retiring as a brewer, Washington was scribbling his “small beer” recipe in militia notebooks:

  1. Take a large sifter full of bran hops
  2. Boil for 3 hours
  3. Strain 30 gallons into a cooler
  4. Pour in 3 gallons of molasses
  5. Let stand until room temperature
  6. Pour in a quart of yeast
  7. Cover it in a blanket and place in “cooler” for 24 hours
  8. Place into cask and bottle the week it was brewed

Incidentally, plenty of hop-headed presidents have preceded our Founding Father. Honest Abe believed the best way to solve any great crisis is “to bring [the people] the real facts, and beer.” Roosevelt brought 500 gallons of beer with him on an African safari. And Obama released the two recipes for the White House’s top-secret beer brews after a citizen filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

City Brew Tours 4th of July
@citybrewtoursvt celebrates the 4th of July with fireworks and Zero Gravity beer

Suffice to say, the story of America is the story of beer—so how should you really be celebrating America’s birthday?! By cracking open a cold one, of course, AND getting your tickets to the Vermont Brewers Festival.

Tickets to the Vermont Brewers Festival Are Available for Presidents and Everyday Beer Lovers

Vermont Brewers Festival
The Vermont Brewers Festival is held at the Burlington waterfront and hosts 46 brewers, food vendors and live music

Supporting local craft brewers is as American as you can get. Spend July 21 from 12 to 4 pm sampling unique beer from 39 Vermont brewers plus a few special guests from our neighbors in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Canada. Pamper your patriotic taste buds and view the Green Mountains from arguably the best seat in the house: behind a pint glass.

There are only a handful of tickets left to indulge in this beer-lovers paradise.  So get your tickets and support George Washington’s favorite pastime today!


The Vermont Brewers Festival is hosted by the Vermont Brewers Association, a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1995 to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont through marketing, education, and advocacy for Vermont-made beer. This year is its 25th anniversary. 

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