“Why I Live Here” – Cari Kelley

When I was asked to consider writing this blog post, it hit me on a day that started with a familiar, yet amazing site.  I am very lucky to not only live in Vermont, but to live on the Champlain Islands, about 35 minutes north of  our office.  It’s an easy commute and a relaxing drive.  I leave my house, travel to Route 2, hop on Interstate 89, and hit my first light as I’m getting off the interstate at exit 14.

This morning, the commute started as it always does.  As I drove through South Hero, headed over the causeway of Lake Champlain, it struck me. First, the clear view of the mountain range sitting behind Lake Champlain was breathtaking.  As I drove through the wetland just south of the causeway, I couldn’t take my eyes off the colors of the trees lining both sides of Route 2; mostly yellow, gold and orange– I felt like I was entering a fantasy land.  The sun was hitting just right, and the sparkle coming from the trees was truly amazing.  The site literally took my breath away.

People often ask me why I chose to live outside of Burlington.  Trust me, there is no city better than Burlington, Vermont, but the feeling of driving home and seeing the causeway, gives a person a real sense of relaxation and a constant reminder of why I live in Vermont.

– Cari Kelley

Director of Leadership Development & Workforce Education

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