“Why I live here” – Cathy Davis

There are so many reasons to live in Vermont that you can’t pick just one; visiting the Champlain Valley Fair for the first time this past weekend, only added to the list. Vermonters like to joke that Vermont has more than four seasons- there’s winter, spring, summer, fall and fair season. While the
beer tents probably don’t approach their former glory, after a long, cold winter- there’s something irresistible about the smell of fried dough, the sound of kids screaming, and the sight of neon lights.

The day we visited the fair was yet another gorgeous day in the long stretch of beautiful weather we’ve had this summer. We got spun around inside giant dragons, road the merry-go-round too many times to count and watched our three year old daughter brave the rides all on her own. We couldn’t pull her away from baby chicks hopping around just moments after hatching and while we soaked up that clear, blue sky our infant son snoozed in his stroller.

As a young family, we love living in Vermont because of the access we have: access to the outdoors, to history right where it happened and yes, access to fairs. Each weekend is a new memory. And while we couldn’t visit thanks to having kids in tow, I hear the beer tent still serves up some memories of its own.

– Catherine Davis, Director of Government Affairs, LCRCC

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