“Why I Live Here” – Emily Piper

I see Vermont differently now as an adult. As a teenager, Vermont was the sleepy Waterbury town where I grew up. I fell in love with Vermont when I moved back from college. I had never appreciated the beauty my home state had to offer. So much has also changed for the better in the last ten years, that I now realize I have a quality of life that I know I could never get somewhere else. One example is the presence of a vibrant young professional demographic that has been able to develop here and thrive in Burlington and other areas of Vermont.

With young professionals, comes a new wave of life and vitality to our communities. We are constantly rated as one of the top places to live and work. Most people and employers encourage you to maintain a balance in your life. Everyone enjoys what they do, which might be why we are also a huge draw for entrepreneurs to locate here.

Another attraction for younger Vermonters is our micro-breweries. We can experience great beer from the northern part of the state to the south; we are known for having the most micro-breweries per capita. When the Vermont weather affects your outdoor adventures, rain or shine, the micro-breweries are open for business.

Take a tour of Long Trail Brewery and see why Apr├Ęs-ski is still an art form in Vermont or check out Otter Creek and sample three different breweries at the same time. Our downtowns and villages are alive with activities and gathering places including coffee house, bars and restaurants. A favorite activity of young professionals is to gather up friends and family and hop from establishments such as American Flatbread to Farmhouse to Vermont Pub and Brewery who make their own in-house micro-brews. Though there are many things to do in a state which offers so much, visiting the micro breweries has become a state-wide attraction for all seasons, especially for the younger Vermont crowd.

– Emily Piper, Director of Burlington Young Professionals and Graphic Designer, LCRCC

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