“Why I live here” – Phil Schuman

The plan was to visit Vermont for a month and then go back home to England. The plan didn’t go so well…as that was 1997 and I’m still here! Dual citizenship made it possible! The reason is simple – I fell in love with Vermont. Besides all the normal reasons of why Vermont is such a tough place to leave, I’d have to “blame”  the people of Vermont as my main reason for being smitten.  People who truly love where they are — there is just nowhere better to be!

Vermonters have a positive attitude towards life that I find so refreshing  compared to where I’m originally from. England , as marvelous as it is, is steeped in history;  so in business, when you have an idea to try something new, you will typically be advised not to bother and given ten reasons why it probably won’t work because it’s never worked before.  Vermont (and the United States), however, is a relatively new country and here you will be more likely be given ten reasons why your idea may just work! Therefore the entrepreneurial spirit, the backbone of what makes America great, thrives right here in Vermont!

The incredible balance of a thriving business environment  within the surroundings of a stunning year-round resort town is why I just couldn’t leave this area fifteen years ago! Fifteen years ago to the day in fact –  Happy Vermont Anniversary to me!

Chapin Spencer, Executive Director of Local Motion put it best about how lucky we are to live in such an accessible place with the proximity of all the outdoor recreation around us and close to our places of business without the daily grind of “real” traffic : “Here in Vermont, every day when you leave work, you’re on vacation!

Amen to that.

– Phil Schuman, Director of Membership Sales, LCRCC

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  1. Happy Anniversary! 15 years…wow…I’ll bet it feels like yesterday. When you have a few minutes I would like to get together with you. Thanks, Doug

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