Events & Programs

What’s in it for me?

Your Burlington Young Professionals membership is like a gym membership - the more you use it, the more you get out of it.

Using the resources provided by the Burlington Young Professionals Group broadens your career reach. Take advantage of networking opportunities while contributing to the enrichment of our local community. You'll also gain opportunities for educational and professional development, become more aware of governmental issues and how they affect your business, and gain exposure to volunteer opportunities that provide a deeper understanding of our community. Burlington Young Professionals helps foster economic development in the region and helps shape Vermont's future leaders.


BYP is all about mentoring and we believe in doing our best to retain talented young people who graduate from Vermont's many reputable colleges each year. We set up seminars with area colleges to give students a one-on-one understanding of how truly wonderful it is to have a career in VT.  >> Get Involved.

Seminar Series 

Burlington Young Professionals know that professional development doesn't stop at college.  Professionals who want to grow their career have to be on top of the cutting edge resources available to businesses. BYP brings emerging topics to Vermont packaged in digestible 45-minute seminars led by dynamic community leaders. A percentage of proceeds benefits a local charity in alignment with our mission.                 >> Check them out.


BYP believes in keeping talented young professionals and their ideas in Vermont. The most well-known businesses in Vermont were once an idea in someone's head. LaunchVT rewards this entrepreneurial thinking while providing the resources and education needed to nurture a business idea into becoming reality.                                    >> Find out how to Apply.

BYP Community Events 

Let's face it, YPs are not in any position to write big checks to charity. We're happy if we can pay the rent, our student loans and have enough left over to buy a drink after work. So Burlington Young Professionals makes philanthropy simple. We've tailored our summer events to benefit local charities. From golf to kickball and more, these are fun, outdoor events and a percentage of the proceeds goes to local charities in alignment with BYP's mission. To date, we've been able to give back over $2,000 a year to deserving causes and organizations within our community.  >> Be a part of the Change!