About BYP


The Burlington Young Professionals Group is a Chamber member employee benefit program of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce that focuses on professional development and encourages young professionals to meet, exchange ideas, innovate, share common interests, learn about the business community and engage in the community’s future. The Young Professionals Group began in 2010. 


The mission of the BYP is to help revitalize Vermont's economy and society based on the founding principle that people are at the heart of what makes businesses and communities work well. To facilitate this, BYP creates a platform for participants to build relationships, network, grow professionally and engage in the community.


• Professionalism
• Education
• Entrepreneurialism
• Mentorship


The BYP is made up of Vermont's most passionate, authentic and driven future leaders. Our number one goal is to create a meaningful, cohesive network in which aspiring professionals can meet each other, network, gain career enhancement skills, and explore ways to give back to our community. Our participants may want to :

• Improve networking skills and advance their careers
• Become knowledgeable of area businesses
• Enhance their own quality of life and that of others
• Retain young professionals in the Burlington region
• Innovate, innovate, innovate

Contact Info

Erin Bombard
Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce
60 Main Street Burlington, Vermont 05401
Email: byp@vermont.org
Phone: 802-863-3489 x221