Welcome! We are the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce and we’re happy to see you. Whether you’re a longtime member hoping to learn how to get the most out of your membership or you’ve just discovered us recently, you're in the right place to learn all about the numerous benefits of Chamber membership.

From educational programs and business resources to marketing opportunities and awesome perks, a membership with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber is an invaluable addition to your business. We’re committed to being your partner in growing your business, and luckily we have all the tools necessary to make it happen. Learn more in the videos below and discover the power of having the tools the Chamber provides at your fingertips.

Episode One: What’s the Chamber?

What is a Chamber of Commerce anyway? These answers straight from the mouths of our members may surprise you. The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce strives to continually innovate and push the limits of what a Chamber can be and do, both for its individual member businesses and the community as a whole. From regional tourism promotion to workforce investment through education and job development to small business incubation and numerous discount programs, we believe our Chamber programs and initiatives are the best in Vermont.

Don’t take it from us - watch the video and hear for yourself what our members are saying about us. You’ll discover how deeply valuable a membership with the Lake Champlain Chamber can be!

Episode Two: My Voice, Our Voice

One of the most important and valued functions of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce is to act as an advocate for its member businesses on a local, regional, state, national and even global level. Whether it’s bringing political persons of importance to the area to engage in discussions with community business leaders, or taking the ideas and opinions of those business leaders directly to Vermont and US legislators in order to make change for the better, the Chamber’s government affairs and advocacy team is here to support you.

When the Chamber is able to effect change for our member businesses, everyone in the community benefits. To learn more about how LCRCC works for you, your community and your business, visit vermont.org/chamber and navigate to “Government Affairs and Advocacy.”

Episode Three: Getting Exposure

Today’s business leaders face major decisions about exactly where, when and how to market and promote. With so many avenues and platforms now available, traditional and digital alike, how do you find the best way to reach your unique target audience? The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce is here to help. Our highly experienced sales team helps you pinpoint the optimum marketing solutions for your particular business. Best of all, we find exposure solutions to fit any budget.

Each and every LCRCC member is listed in our Member Directory, which is featured prominently on the front page of our newly launched website for tourists and locals alike, Vermont.org. The direct link from our directory to your business' site gives you a significant edge, though it barely scratches the surface of the advertising, sponsorship and other exposure opportunities the Lake Champlain Chamber offers.

Looking for opportunities to get exposure for your business? Explore our homepage or contact Nicole Belanus

Episode Four: Strong Businesses, Strong Vermont

One reason many businesses join the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce is because they feel a sense of pride in contributing to the community. The Chamber runs many educational and economic development programs designed to benefit member businesses, their employees, and the wider community. Our volunteer Board of Directors strives to promote civic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural progress within our region, and to work diligently with community partners for the establishment of sound legislation and efficient administration at all levels of government.

In this episode of My Chamber Membership, you’ll hear how joining the Chamber helps to make the community a better place to work, live, visit, and do business!

Episode Five: Navigating Insurance Changes Together (Part One)

With health care changes now underway, the Chamber’s Navigators are here to help, and the Lake Champlain Chamber is still able to offer many other insurance discounts. As you’ll hear in this episode, there are so many widely varied benefits to being part of the Chamber, and they are here to stay.

Episode Five Part Two: Navigating Insurance Changes Together (Part Two)


Episode Six: Business Toolbox

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber is your partner to better business. We strive to bring you the very best opportunities for your business or organization to thrive. Our member to member discounts, employee training tools, educational and leadership programs and free opportunities for exposure are just some of the amazing resources the Chamber provides for you! Visit Vermont.org to find out more.