Training & Workforce Investment


Workforce Development and Training

Workforce Development:

The Lake Champlain Region is characterized by a vibrant economy and a high quality of life. The local workforce is supported by a network of employers, invested in the future and in collaboration world-class, responsive, and proactive education providers.

The LCRCC Workforce Collaborative has set in motion the programs that continue to grow our economy. The strength of the Collaborative is the synergy of industry cooperation to identify and fill common workforce needs. The Workforce Collaborative is a volunteer organization which links the need of industry with the primary, secondary and higher education community to prepare the workforce for today and tomorrow. The Workforce Collaborative provides leadership and support for a workforce development system between employers, workforce and educators. If your business is interested in learning about the economic trends for starting and growing a business in Vermont, contact Cathy Davis


Educational Opportunities

BTV Ignite

BTV Ignite is the name of the Burlington-US Ignite partnership. BTV Ignite encourages public, private and academic institutions to develop next generation internet applications right here in Burlington.

BTV Ignite is dedicated to aligning Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as a tool, testbed and accelerator for economic, educational and community benefit.

Click here to learn more about BTV Ignite.

Leadership Champlain

Here’s your opportunity to learn more about your community’s most pressing issues and engage in solutions that make an impact!  As a leader in the Leadership Champlain Class, you will gain insight into the Vermont economy in a unique way:

  • Through active learning with Vermont’s economic leaders,
  • Team-based learning on real Vermont community issues,
  • Networking and exposure to community leaders. 

The Leadership Champlain program incorporates a ten month program with concentration in team building; emotional intelligence; and preparation for a culturally diverse workforce. The program provides a two-day overnight retreat, eight seminars days, and two team projects. Applications are available in April for June admissions decisions. The program runs from September through June. To link to the LC information page and application, please click here. Questions? Contact Cathy Davis

Chamber Education Center/Global Classroom

Your business can to connect into our on-line education platform for business and individual training paths and options. Through the Chamber’s GlobalClassroom you can take advantage of online training in a full range of business classes or a bundled curriculum in areas such as: digital marketing, customer service, technology tools, and more!  To review the course catalog or register for courses, click here. New courses will be loaded often and this platform will give you access to network with all the members of the Chamber. 

TIPS: Training Interns & Partnering for Success

“TIPS” stands for Training Interns and Partnering for Success is a job skills course to prepare high-school students aged 16+ to enter the workforce. It is administered by the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce in partnership with area high schools, education providers and local businesses. The 20 hour course develops professional, communication, and basic soft-skills in the classroom. The goal of the program is to successfully complete a 40 hour unpaid internship at a local business or organization in a student’s field of interest. Students earn high school credit for completing both the class and internship.

Learning Objectives:

  • Research personal strengths and careers of interest
  • Conducting a job search
  • Compose and construct a complete resume
  • Develop professionalism and interview skills
  • Increase understanding of workplace culture
  • Compose a cover letter to an employer of interest
  • Develop professional communication skills
  • Appropriate use of social media
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace

The internship training plan includes goals that the intern and his or her supervisor develop, including:

  • Work Ethic and Professionalism:
               - Attendance and punctuality
               - Workplace appearance
               - Accepting direction and feedback,
               - Motivation and initiative
               - Understanding workplace culture, policy, and safety.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
                - Speaking and using appropriate language
                - Active listening and understanding
                - Interacting with co-workers and supervisor 
Who is TIPS for?

TIPS is available for students in participating TIPS high schools who are motivated to learn more about working independently in the community and want to gain field experience. For more information, contact Cathy Davis.

Click here to learn why you should host an intern.

Internships Partners and Postings

Vermont Technology Council

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Education Vermont

Vermont is famous for high-quality and affordable higher education, safe and friendly environment and natural beauty. Education Vermont USA will help you learn about both private and public universities and colleges, as well as graduate and high school programs in Vermont. Vermont has hosted many international students, inviting over 2,500 international students last year alone. Click here for more info on studying higher education in Vermont.

International Travel Opportunities

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce strives to offer international travel opportunities to it’s members and the general public.  In the past, we have visited China, Budapest, Tuscany, Portugal,Thailand and Cuba.  If you are interested in exploring the world, and would like to know of upcoming trips, please visit the Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA) website.