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The VCWA at is the epicenter of global programming for the State of Vermont and an affiliate of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. It aims to “bring the world to Vermont and Vermont to the world” through education and engagement. The future of Vermont depends upon the world beyond its borders.  In cooperation with the public and private sectors, the VCWA promotes awareness and understanding of the world and its people through public forums, hosting international visitors and working with educational institutions to develop programs for students, faculty, staff and community. 


• brings programs on topics of global importance to Vermont
• makes statesmanship something you can embrace by bringing hundreds of international visitors to Vermont. Vermonters have an incredible aptitude for citizen diplomacy and make a difference.

Since 2001, the Vermont Council on World Affairs has sponsored the Ambassador Series --a proud tradition of welcoming distinguished diplomats to Vermont to exchange views on issues of international importance. Vermonters interested in understanding the ever-changing and increasingly connected world in which they live benefit from the opportunity to hear directly from global leaders. At the same time, Vermont is attractive to leaders of this level of achievement because it is increasingly on the world map as an incubator for cutting-edge programs in a number of areas such as energy, the environment and community-building, and as a place where the citizenry is informed and engaged and where public and private sector leaders are committed and accessible.

The International Visitors program of the Department of State brings participants to the United States from all over the world to meet and confer with professional counterparts and to experience the U.S. firsthand. It emphasizes increased mutual understanding through communication at the personal and professional levels. Today one-fourth of the countries represented in the United Nations have an international visitor alumnus/alumna as their current head of state. Almost 300 current and former heads of state, more than 1,500 cabinet-level ministers, and many other distinguished world leaders in government and the private sector have participated in the international visitor program.

Vermont has hosted 540+ visitors since 2006 from 85 countries. Each group has 2-3 professional visits/day, so hundreds of Vermont private sector, public sector and community officials have the opportunity to engage with the visitors.  Some of these contacts lead to ongoing business relations. The attachments show a wide range of themes that showcase Vermont, including green jobs and green industry, environmental law and sustainability, food and agriculture systems, NGO management, border security, youth leadership, sustainable development, state and local government relations, travel and tourism and more.

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