Why VT?

Why I Should Study in Vermont

Vermont Colleges have more than 1,150 foreign students enrolled in its various educational institutions. Why?

SAFETY: Vermont is consistently ranked as one of the safest and healthiest places to live in the United States with access to world class medical and health professionals, and state of the art medical facilities. Click on the name below to learn more.

CULTURE: With vibrant artistic communities, opera houses, and museums, Vermont has always been at the forefront of the arts and very welcoming on international students and visitors.

RECREATION/SPORTS: Vermont’s natural beauty and countryside make it a wonderful place for sports in all seasons from the lake in the summer to the mountains in the winter.

FOOD: The small farms in Vermont have embraced the local and organic food movements.  There are many fantastic restaurants, farmers’ markets, farm stands and local food businesses.

LOCATION: Easy rail, bus and car access to Montreal, Boston, Manhattan and easy access to some of the world's premier outdoor recreation.

BUSINESS:  Some of the most successful international companies call Vermont home.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Vermont has a long standing spirit of entrepreneurship and many famous high tech startups call Vermont home.