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The Vermont Council on World Affairs invites you to consider becoming a supporter of the VCWA's efforts to provide broad public access to international speakers in our community, provide teachers the resources they need to educate their students about global issues, as well as professional and youth exchange programs.

The VCWA provides every resident of Vermont the opportunity to become a more engaged citizen by taking an active role in discussions, cross-cultural exchanges, and educational initiatives that enrich a person’s understanding of the world. By learning about the world, community members learn more about themselves and their neighbors, and they gain a greater appreciation for the complexity of the issues that impact their lives.

The Vermont Council on World Affairs is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization and your generous support ensures that we will continue to provide the quality programming you rely upon. It allows us to remain a vital resource for our community and the next generation of global leaders who participate in our educational program.

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