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Visiting Burlington, VT and the Lake Champlain Region 

Whether you’re visiting Vermont for the first time or you’ve been to Vermont each year since you were a little tyke - you know that the Vermont experience is one to truly cherish ...
From the mountains to the Champlain Islands, and to the Valley and city - the Burlington and Lake Champlain region is a great place to vacation. Let VERMONT.ORG help you plan your vacation.

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Why Visit Our Region

Our region offers up so many different ways to enjoy your vacation.Family vacations, romantic getaways, ski trips with friends ---

Where to Stay

Burlington’s hotels offer comfort and luxury, or choose to stay at a local ski areas, B&Bs in the Islands, campgrounds or vacation rental.

Tours & Detours

Burlington is the gateway to a world of adventure, history and recreation and to experiencing the localvore enticements offered all along the coast of Lake Champlain.  Let Tours and Detours take you there!

Restaurants & Nightlife

Choose from a never-ending list of award-winning restaurants with the locally-sourced food tradition. 

French / Français

Find the answers to questions we hear frequently from those visiting our region.

Launching soon: ViewBoost, a new mobile app to help visitors get the most out of their Vermont experience! 

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