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Food, Fun, and... Farms

Vermont practically invented localvore experiences for serious foodies. Our rich agricultural tradition sources a wide variety of culinary options. The Lake Champlain region enjoys Vermont’s longest growing season, so you can enjoy everything from late spring’s greens, through mid-summer’s corn and tomatoes, to the fall harvest where produce practically explodes from our apple orchards, vineyards and endless fields of veggies. Nature’s bounty arrives on your plate in restaurants mighty and small, chef-owned or corner eatery. Farm to table – by the campfire or at a banquet – and all fresh and fabulous.

Vermont is home to world-class chefs and their hospitality is legendary. Where else are you within an hour’s drive, or a short walk, from award winning cuisine served with a dollop of Vermont pride? Our cheeses, wines and beers consistently win gold medals. Sign up for an artisanal food tour, or just order from the menu. You can find local cheeses and delicacies even in the tiniest country stores.

Hit up Burlington’s vibrant nightlife scene and choose from a rockin’ variety of bars, late-night dining, tons of live music, dance clubs, and more! The greater Burlington area is a hotbed of 21-and-over brew pubs, romantic restaurants, and indie movie theaters within an easy walking distance of all of the above.

Local music abounds, and Burlington’s creative energy has launched careers of nationally acclaimed bands such as Phish and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals! You’ll find talented singer-songwriters at open mic nights and larger-than-life hip-hip and rock bands often stopover in Burlington on their way to larger cities such as Montreal and New York City. Combine all this flavor with fantastic food and the most microbrews per capita in the nation, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for nighttime fun.

Nightlife can be found, Vermont-style, at our resorts, downtown Burlington, or in village pubs and coffee shops. The City comes alive at night with live music at cafes, bars and nightclubs and 21-and-over brew pubs. You can rub shoulders with talented singer-songwriters destined to follow Phish and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals onto the national stage! Burlington is a great stopover for national acts, traveling between Montreal and New York City. Combine all this flavor with fantastic food, the most microbrews per capita in the nation, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for nighttime fun.


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