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Dogs of Burlington: A Day in the Life of Molson

Howdy! My name is Molson–part-time model, full-time human greeter and photography assistant at Vintage Photography Emporium.


Being in the family business has its perks–lots of pets, chewable set props, and the occasional french fry–and to think I get to do it everyday!

I begin the day taking my dad for a walk, before heading to work in my nifty ride–with the windows rolled down and plenty sniffs to go around.

Once I get to the shop, I get right to work. I give humans tours, take naps by the Top of the Block deli doors, wonder what snacks humans brought me from Church Street and keep humans company in front of the camera–which I don’t mind, especially if it is on the Frontier porch with my favorite wooden sticks.


I love dressing up and exploring times I never got to see in my 91 years as a dog. My work family takes great photos of old times, and humans say that in the old times, pictures were always black, white and grey. I guess I don’t understand what the fuss is about since those are the only colors there are…

A lot of humans come in to see just me. I think that’s super nice, but most importantly, I want them to be able to see my mom and dad’s store! It is super fun, and I am happy to show you around anytime. So stop in to see my family, bring a snack, and let’s take a picture together!

Join Molson at Vintage Photography Emporium, where you can dress up in a period costume and explore realistic sets. Vintage Photography Emporium is open seven days a week, and is always ready to provide you a great time and high-quality prints to look back on. Stop in or schedule an appointment today!