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Three Spooky Sights to Visit in the Queen City and Beyond

The Dutton House at Shelburne Museum

Unnerving museum attics, distraught servers and an elusive sea monster: the story of Lake Champlain isn’t always for the faint-hearted. Beyond its quaint, New England waterfront charm are nightmarish haunts to keep you up at night.

So if you are looking for bone-chilling thrills, look no further. Enter three spooky sights you can visit in the Queen City and beyond.

The Ghosts with a Hefty Bar Tab at American Flatbread

Since its 1805 construction, the American Flatbread building has seen its fair share of tenants. Some tenants never left.

American Flatbread’s 115 St. Paul St location was built in 1805

During the Embargo Act of 1807, building owner and merchant, Gideon King, employed a crew of rough henchmen to ship cargo, often in the dead of the night. It’s believed that these rowdy, drunkard locals still haunt King’s building. Since the 1970s, cooks and waitresses have reported strange occurrences, especially in the basement.

Women working in the iconic 115 St. Paul building talk of being slapped, pinched or pushed by an unknown spirit in the basement. One waitress even stopped wearing skirts when a cold breeze would continue to blow up her skirt.  

Cooks have reported plates flying off shelves and oven temperatures going haywire.

And in the 1990s, the strange occurrences escalated when a young cook committed suicide.

American Flatbread may be a younger tenant, but its history is far from it. Head to this popular family-friendly spot for delicious flatbread. But stay clear of the basement.

Ghosts haven’t stopped Seven Daisies winner, American Flatbread, from serving up a delightful dining experience

The Attic Dwellers at Shelburne Museum’s Dutton House

Between its concert on the greens, renown traveling art exhibits, famous impressionist painting collection, and immersive historic house tour, the Shelburne Museum is a cultural epicenter in the region.

The Dutton House at Shelburne Museum

But not all history is as cute and charming as the Shelburne Museum is painted.  Its Dutton House joined the museum grounds in 1950. This picturesque, fire-engine red building was built in 1782 in Cavendish, Vermont, and was unoccupied for 40 years.

Inside the Dutton House at Shelburne Museum

The story goes that a resident of the Dutton House refuses to leave. A tour guide once reported seeing an scruffy, old man hunching in the corner of the attic. And every so often little girl crying can be heard in the building. 

The Monster from the Deep Blue Lake Champlain Lagoon

Everyone has heard of the lochness monster, but did you know Lake Champlain has its own sea creature?

There have been hundreds of documented Champ sightings over the decades

Stories of “Champ” sightings date back to precolonial times. In the past few decades alone, more than 130 credible reports have residents describing this long, dinosaur- and snake-like creature off the shore.  

At one point in time, the legend of Vermont’s lochness monster was so widespread that Barnum and Bailey Circus was willing to pay $20,000 for Champ’s capture.

Check out Champ by the Burlington Waterfront

Walk along the waterfront, or hop aboard the Spirit of the Ethan Allen, because if you are lucky, you might spot Lake Champlain’s resident monster.

There Are More Scares to be Had in the Lake Champlain Region

Looking for some more bone-chilling thrills? You can get tickets to the Queen City Ghostwalk through FlynnTix.