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The Burlington Young Professionals Group (BYP) is made up of Vermont's most passionate, authentic and driven future leaders. Our goal is to create a meaningful, cohesive network in which aspiring professionals can meet, gain career enhancement skills, and explore ways to give back within our community. Modern young professionals crave more than an old fashioned seminar or another dry lead exchange gathering, which is why we continually strive to re-engage young professionals by catering to a diverse array of ever-shifting needs.

The BYP's mission is to help revitalize Vermont's economy and society based on the founding principle that people are at the heart of what makes businesses and communities work well. The Young Professionals Group provides a platform for participants to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically and philanthropically active, and contribute to economic development and a high quality of life in our community.

Social Networking With Us 

• Be the first to hear about special networking events featuring business and political leaders, and other important decision makers within the community.

• We host a variety of social events to help you expand your contact base and stay connected.

Professional Development Opportunities Abound 

• We create innovative educational seminars tailored to your interests and needs. 

• Roundtables and training sessions with community leaders foster connections that strengthen Vermont's economic and social fabric. 

• Have ideas or requests for educational events and programs? Email us! We love to hear from our members.

Community Involvement 

• We connect you with volunteer opportunities to increase personal development and encourage a broad perspective of the community context within which professional development occurs.

• We regularly partner with non-profit organizations to provide direct support and to raise awareness in the broader community.


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