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Employment in Vermont

We have a popular saying in Burlington Young Professionals: 

"If you can network well, you'll never have to apply for a job in Vermont!" Networking can be intimidating, though. If you feel like networking just isn't your thing, or maybe you're just not quite ready to put yourself out there in person, we've got an alternative resource for you. Over 1,000 members visit our LinkedIn page on a regular basis. Community members can post job opportunities and browse profiles, and companies and potential employees can find each other online.   >> Be a part of the discussion!

Post a Job with the BYP

Have a job that you are looking to fill with a qualified YP? 

Our Burlington Young Professionals are looking, maybe for your company. Post jobs through our LinkedIn to reach a target demographic of over 1,000 young professionals looking for their next career move. >> Post your job with us!

Additional Jobs & Internships

http://www.freshtrackscap.com/portfolio/  FreshTracks Capital
http://www.vttechcouncil.org/  Vermont Technology Council
http://vbsr.org/intern_program/  VBSR Intern Program
http://westaffne.com/location-burlington/ Westaff
http://www.spherion.com/  Spherion
http://www.jobsinvt.com/ Jobs in VT
http://www.manpower.us/en/Index.htm Manpower
http://www.triadtemp.com/index.htm Triad Temp
http://www.transitionii.com/ Transition ii
http://www.adeccousa.com/ Adecco

The Lake Champlain region is one of the most vibrant areas of Vermont. The combination of thriving, innovative businesses, exciting employment opportunities, and a high quality of life is unmatched. Considering relocating to the area or making a career change?  >> Check out our resources.


Photo Credit: Burlington College.