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Tips for finding a job during a pandemic

No one predicted our current reality as part of the 2020 job forecast. When the class of 2020 began the school year, they were told they’d be entering into one of the best job markets in fifty years. Now the unemployment rate continues to rise, small businesses are scrambling to make ends meet and the job market as we once knew it has dramatically changed. 

For our college seniors and those currently finding themselves filing for unemployment, the process of looking for a job seems both daunting and hopeless but it’s not impossible. We are operating under a new normal. That new normal may change the way we operate when it comes to landing full-time employment, but employers are still looking for talent and our talent here in Vermont is still able and willing to get to work. 

Five tips for navigating the pandemic job market

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Think short term

How we continue to operate as a community changes almost on a daily basis.  This is not the time to start thinking about finding your career; this is the time to find a job.  Even if the jobs you are finding don’t narrowly suit your degree or career ambitions, it’s okay. 

It’s okay to think only 30, 60, or 90 days out. Finding a career out of all this is just an added bonus! 

There are a handful of in-demand jobs right now. 

look over your resume again

Writing a resume has always been a delegate balance. You have to not only cater to the hiring manager, but if you are applying to a larger organization, the hiring bot. 

Even if you are strictly looking for short-term employment right now, you shouldn’t dwell from following the same best practices as you would otherwise. Make sure you are going over the job descriptions with a fine toothed comb and catering your resume with the employers demands in mind. Here are some helpful tips on how to create a great resume

take advantage of free online courses

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The internet is a beautiful thing. There are plenty of resources that provide free or discounted courses, including some offered at top universities. Take the time you have at home to add to your resume where you can. 

network, network, network

Never underestimate the value of networking. According to a 2016 report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University, 70% of jobs are found through networking. 

Not only should you reach out to your contacts, but now is the perfect time to start with your “give”. What do you have to offer a company? Is there a project or initiative you can help them with? Maybe they are looking for help with their charitable efforts like making masks or providing food to those in need.  See what you can to lend a hand, and use this as an opportunity to make valuable connections.

Fill out the job openings form

LCC and BYP have created a job openings form to help you make connections. Your resume and information is passed along to human resource professionals and recruiters to take into consideration for current and future job openings.

Things will get easier. It is going to take some patience and hard work in the meantime. Be sure to keep a close eye on the COVID-19 Resource Guide so you continue to stay in the know on new employment developments.  And good luck!