Candidate Survey Results

Election 2016- View our Candidate Survey Results 

The Chamber surveyed candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and candidates for the Vermont Senate and House from Chittenden County in order to provide our members with candidates' perspective on issues that matter to YOUR BUSINESS. 

Candidates not listed below did not respond to our requests.

Governor Representatives
Phil Scott David Morris CHI 2 REP
  Trevor Squirrell CHI 3 REP
  Michael Yantachka CHI 4-1 REP
Lt. Governor Carol Ode CHI 6-1 REP
David Zuckerman Jean O'Sullivan CHI 6-2 REP
Randy Brock Curt McCormack CHI 6-3 REP
  Brian Cina CHI 6-4 REP
  Mary Sullivan CHI 6-5 REP
Chittenden County Senate Barbara Rachelson CHI 6-6 REP
Debbie Ingram Robert Millar CHI 6-7 REP
John Gifford Martin Lalonde CHI 7-1 REP
Michael Sirotkin Maida Townsend CHI 7-4 REP
Phillip Baruth Betsy Dunn CHI 8-1 REP
Tim Ashe Linda Myers CHI 8-1 REP
  V Chase CHI 8-1 REP
  Paul Dame CHI 8-2 REP
  Michael Plageman CHI 8-2 REP
  Lori Houghton CHI 8-2 REP
  Robert Bancroft CHI 8-3 REP
  Patrick Liebrecht CHI 9-1 REP