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Member Spotlight: Sap!

Sap! is a beverage company that makes superfood sparkling beverages from the most nutrient-rich water on earth: maple tree sap and birch tree sap. The company was founded by cousins Chas Smith and Nikita Salmon in 2016 and has grown quickly into a regional brand, selling down through New York City and beyond.

Sap Birch, Sap Maple Soda, and Sap Maple Seltzer

Chas and Nikita come from a large 8th generation Vermont family that has been making maple and other forest-based products for decades. Their mission is to help grow the rural working landscape economy of Vermont by pioneering new products and forest ingredients, such as birch sap. They see huge potential for creating and supporting jobs throughout the State with their product and unique supply chain.

Man putting up maple syrup lines

Momemtum is building for the company as Sap! was a 2016 LaunchVT winner, recently exhibited at the 13th annual Taste of Vermont in Washington D.C., was named to Whole Foods 2018 Product Trends List and the duo was also just featured on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank (they turned down the deal), which dramatically increased the awareness of the brand. Sap! also has some new products on the horizon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

“Sap! Maple Water is a Vermont product from start to finish and we’re proud to be part of the working landscape of Vermont.”

Sap owners holding a can of soda in their hand holding their hands straight out

To learn more about Sap!, their maple water process, and their mission, check out this video or visit their website.