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LCRCC Presents: BYP Meet-Ups

Networking is intimidating, especially for our young professional workforce. Burlington Young Professionals works to ease the under 40 crowd into the professional networking space. At the meet-ups, college students, recent graduates and our emerging workforce create meaningful connections in a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere.

a group of young professionals pose for the camera at one of the summer BYP meet-ups

With a glass full of conversation cards and a steering committee sporting BYP branded t-shirts, attendees are provided both a welcoming committee and the tools to begin facilitating conversations on their own terms.

Three fall meet-ups already behind us and BYP has collectively pulled in a crowd of over 200. From their meet-ups at the Hilton Burlington, Waterworks Food + Drink and Vermont Comedy Club, young professionals have found jobs, expanded their professional networks, gained confidence in making small talk – and above all–made friends.

shot of crowd mingling at a BYP Meet-Up event

The BYP Meet-ups give young professionals reassurance that they aren’t alone; it makes them feel connected to their community and their peers. It’s with those connections that our young professional workforce will stay, work and grow their family in Vermont.

Are you a young professional or do you have young professionals in your workplace looking to get involved? Our next BYP Meet-up is December 5 at the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies. Learn more and register for free here.