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The Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA) is an affiliate organization of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce that is dedicated to bringing Vermont to the world and the world to Vermont.  This spring, the VCWA is hosting a variety of local events and international visitors through its public forums, youth programs, and international visitor programs.  Coming up are our Eleventh Annual International Dinner and our Pan-African Youth Leadership Program.

a photo of international flags and the VCWA logo at last year's annual dinner

The VCWA is pleased to celebrate the leadership and commitment of President Thomas Sullivan at its Eleventh Annual International Dinner on Thursday, June 13, at the Dion Family Student Center, Saint Michael’s College. The reception begins at 6 p.m. followed by dinner at 7 p.m. As a leader in higher education and an advocate for international exchange, President Sullivan exemplifies the type of public service we seek to honor each year.  His scholarly publications and his work at the forefront of exchange initiatives and his tireless commitment to education have resulted in lasting improvements to our community.  The VCWA is delighted to showcase these great successes and we invite you to join us for this event.  For more information about the VCWA Eleventh Annual International Dinner and how to attend, please email [email protected].

photo of LCRCC President Tom Torti and Ernie Pomerleau at last year's annual dinner

Ernie Pomerleau and LCRCC President Tom Torti enjoying last year’s VCWA Annual Dinner. See more photos of last year’s dinner here.

This April, the Vermont Council on World Affairs is hosting a group of high school students from Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Liberia through the Pan-African Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP).  These students are part of a larger cohort of over 100 students from 18 countries across Africa who will be hosted in five different U.S. cities. This youth program will take place in Vermont from April 10-23.  While in Vermont, these students will partake in a two week intensive youth leadership program designed to give them the necessary skills to be successful young leaders.  The VCWA is searching for local Vermonters who are interested in hosting a PAYLP participant. Hosting is a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about another culture, make Vermont home for an international visitor, and showcase the beauty that our state has to offer.  To learn more about how to get involved in the Pan-African Youth Leadership Program, please email [email protected].

photo of group of kids from last year's Pan-African Youth Leadership Program

Last year’s Pan-African Youth Leadership Program group exploring Burlington. See more photos of their adventures here.

With the goal of bringing Vermont to the world and the world to Vermont, the VCWA is committed to engaging with our community.  To learn more about upcoming opportunities to get involved with the VCWA, contact our Community Development Coordinator at [email protected].