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Burlington Young Professionals is a community resource for everyone

Burlington Young Professionals sees an emerging and diverse workforce as a competitive advantage for Burlington’s growing economy. As a leading voice for our community’s young professionals, BYP collaborates with local businesses that share its commitment to attracting and retaining young professional talent and empowers young professionals with all business relationships, education and community awareness necessary to become an active community leader.

Burlington Young Professionals is a community resource – for everyone.

Innovative programming like the BYP Seminar Series, BYP Meet-ups, Community Leader Lunches, and co-hosted BYP and Leadership Champlain Non-Profit Fair have supported the young professional community in more ways than one. BYP is providing young professionals  free, informal learning opportunities; it’s connecting young professionals to our state leaders’ and creating an atmosphere where they can confidently unpack the issues and begin to work out solutions; it’s connecting them to their future non-profit board or committee position, job, home and friend. BYP is ensuring that our young professionals see a future here and have the personal and professional support to make that possible.

So what does this all mean for member businesses? BYP is a free way for member businesses to provide professional development, encourage community engagement, and grow networks. According to the State of the Greater Burlington Young Professional Community Survey, these are all things the young professional workforce is looking for.

And not only is BYP a free resource that member businesses can provide their young professional workforce, but it’s a resource that member businesses can tap into to find new talent.  One of the understated things BYP does is bring talent to member businesses. In addition to advertising member businesses’ job vacancies, BYP advises and educates anyone from a recent college graduate to individuals with 5-plus years of professional experience on vacant positions and transferable skills, and then connects that talent by making introductions and passing along resumes.

Vermont’s economic vitality hinges on our ability to support our emerging workforce – and we understand the importance of an investment in our future as we work towards a thriving regional economy.

BYP was created in response to LCRCC’s ongoing mission to create a thriving private sector economy, and the program only continues to grow and adapt to support that mission. With 10 years behind it, BYP is looking towards the future and working tirelessly to ensure member businesses have a strong workforce and promising road ahead here in Vermont.

Burlington Young Professionals Snapshot:

WHAT: BYP is a program of the LCRCC that provides a cohesive network for aspiring young professionals and serves as a recruitment resource for LCRCC member businesses.

WHY: BYP seeks to attract and retain a strong emerging workforce, match employers with qualified candidates.

WHO: BYP serves young professionals, LCRCC member businesses, the Vermont economy.

WHEN: BYP hosts meet-ups and a multi-part seminar series annually; recruitment assistance is available year-round.

LEARN MORE: Contact Erin Bombard, Director of BYP, at [email protected] or visit

Burlington Young Professionals Impact:

Over 700 young professionals attend BYP events annually

$4K+ raised for local nonprofits through BYP events

Platform created for over 500 young professionals to share community feedback

Approximately 10 job seekers matched with employers each year.