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Employer Spotlight: Burlington Police Department

Why do you believe in sending your staff through Leadership Champlain?

Employees of the Burlington Police Department have a great deal of contact with our community, but it’s not always in a defined format or developmental fashion.  We have more contact during crisis events or when a situation can seem dire or complex in nature.  Because this is the ‘normal’ contact we have, we think it’s important for our employees to be able to understand the commitment other businesses and individuals are making to our community.  What better way to do this than through Leadership Champlain, where they can meet others who are working hard in our community to make a difference.  To learn what we don’t know, to share what we do know and to give back in a way that’s meaningful.

It’s also an opportunity for our employees to meet leaders from around the state that they may not have the chance to talk with otherwise.  “I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions,” is a statement from our department’s Oath of Office that should be on every leader’s mind as they enter Leadership Champlain because everyone of us must hold each other accountable for our action or inaction.  We all must do our part to make our community a safe and vibrant place.

Our commitment to sending our employees through Leadership Champlain is also a promise to our community that those employees will finish the program as better leaders who are well informed about the issues affecting our community and how to get involved.

– Jan Wright, Class of 2010
Deputy Chief of Burlington Police Department