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Legislative Biennium Summary

October 2, 2020

In a legislative biennium capped by a global pandemic, and drawn out until late September of the second year, it is hard to remember the entire scope of the last two years. When the Legislature reconvenes in January, there is a great deal of uncertainty around where it will do so, who exactly will have been elected, and what the tone will be, however, we know that the work of one legislature prompts the next one and so it is worth taking a look back at the two-year evolution of major legislative discussions in this last biennium.

Our advocacy team is typically afforded a moment to breathe after a May or June adjournment before getting back to work preparing for the next legislative session; this year, however, adjournment comes only about three short months away from the beginning of another legislative biennium. With so little time, input from our business community is more important than ever.

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The Lake Champlain Chamber Advocacy Team

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Tom Torti, President
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Cathy Davis, Executive Vice President
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Austin Davis, Government Affairs Manager