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Member Spotlight: Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Member Spotlight: Vermont Symphony Orchestra

If you joined us for our 107th Annual Dinner on Thursday, October 19, you might have noticed a trio of string musicians serenading the crowd with some bright and beautiful vibrations to kick off the Chamber’s biggest event of the year. The Vermont Symphony Orchestra, a state-assisted non-profit institution founded in 1935, graciously sent three of their most talented players to set the tone for the Cocktail Reception portion of the evening.

The VSO is comprised of professional musicians from all over the state and beyond. Many of their members perform regularly with groups such as the Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, in Broadway pits, and many others.

The VSO exists for the purpose of fostering and encouraging the appreciation of music in all its various forms, with emphasis on orchestral, choral and chamber music. It seeks to raise the common standard of musical education and enjoyment, and to provide, at moderate cost, quality performances for a broad and diverse public throughout the State of Vermont.

The VSO performs year-round and truly serves the entire state. They perform regularly from Derby Line to Brattleboro.

VSO’s Vision:

“WE ENVISION an institution that is central to Vermont’s artistic identity, an orchestra that all Vermonters are proud to call their own: Creatively responding to a changing landscape, constantly creating, energizing, and revitalizing patrons statewide, and serving as a focal point for music as it is today and will be tomorrow.

The VSO will interact musically with Vermont’s broad and diverse public through exceptional musical programs that demonstrate a deep commitment to the creation and performance of living music, that are presented in diverse settings and formats that attract current and new audiences, and are financially and logistically accessible to everyone.

The VSO will visibly and deeply commit to the many communities it serves. Excellence-based participatory music education initiatives will cultivate musical creativity, curiosity, and inspire a new generation of audience members and advocates. Innovative, mutually beneficial partnerships with wildly creative individuals, cultural institutions across all performing arts, and pioneering companies will diversify audiences and create artistic projects to engage an entirely different category of music lover.

We will live in the present, honor the past, and invent our future together.”

The VSO recently launched a wildly successful pay-what-you-can chamber music series called Jukebox at ArtsRiot. The goal was to provide creative programming in an alternative venue. Audience members enjoy the intimate atmosphere and the diverse crowd.

“The Vermont Symphony Orchestra has been a key player in this state’s arts community for nearly 80 years, bringing music not only to performance halls, but school gymnasium, armories and even hillsides – anywhere Vermonters would gather to enjoy and share all forms of music. I appreciate the VSO’s commitment to our local communities, our schools and our vibrant arts scene. This is truly our Vermont Symphony Orchestra!” Governor Peter Shumlin, 2013


The VSO prides themselves on inclusiveness and post their “welcome sign” at every event.

As a courtesy to their fellow Chamber members, and in an effort to connect the Lake Champlain’s prosperous business community to its burgeoning arts scene, the VSO has offered Chamber members a 25% discount on tickets to any event in their upcoming Masterworks Series. The VSO is committed to connecting all Vermonters through music. One of the many ways that the VSO commits to our Vermont communities is by providing no-cost tickets to students, soldiers, veterans and senior through Community Ticket Connections. Read more about the many ways in which the VSO fosters inclusiveness and musical opportunity here.