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Six Vermont Businesses with Earth-Saving Missions

Vermont has a long history of sustainability and actions to preserve the natural beauty of the state. It is not an easy feat to be the the most eco-friendly state in the US. The quality of life in Vermont is something special, with consistent good air quality and outdoor adventure everywhere you look, it is no surprise Vermont businesses are leaders in the mission to save our beautiful planet!

So to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, Monday, April 22, we want to share with you all the incredible planet-saving work that these Vermont-based LCRCC member businesses do each and every day!

Efficiency Vermont

photo of efficiency vermont banner at outdoor event

Efficiency Vermont provides objective advice, technical services, and financial support to help you create healthier, happier, more comfortable spaces.  Thanks to Efficiency Vermont, 11 million metric tons of pollutants avoided from entering our atmosphere and $2.4 billion saved from 2000-2018 due to investments in energy efficient equipment and buildings.

AllEarth Renewables

photo of children smiling on top of a solar panel

AllEarth Renewables makes, distributes and installs a dual-axis solar tracker that follows the sun all day long to collect the most energy. This product is a go-to for customers looking for a high-end, high-efficiency, American-made solar solution.


photo of suncommon fleet of cars under solar paneled car ports

SunCommon believes solar is for everyone and they are constantly at work to “break down barriers to clean energy…by making it affordable for everyone to go solar at no upfront cost.” SunCommon is a leader in the solar energy movement, not to mention they have already helped more than 6,000 homes, businesses and schools go solar, and still going strong!

Waste Free Earth

photo of waste free earth's mobile compost and recycling stations set up at an outdoor festival

Waste-Free Earth founder, Marina, just moved here to Vermont, and she is already making waves in the community by working with clients to create events focusing on 3 essential frameworks: environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and social responsibility. Waste Free Earth is excelling at their mission to be a full-service sustainability consulting and event production company.

Lake Champlain International

photo of young boy jumping joyfully into a clean lake

Lake Champlain International engages local, regional, and national stakeholders, both public and private, in addressing complicated issues facing Lake Champlain.  They host programs, put on events and run grass-roots campaigns to call attention to the importance of ensuring Lake Champlain stays “swimmable, drinkable, and fishable if we are to maintain our quality of life and that of our children and future generations.”

Intervale Center

photo of vegetables growing in the intervale garden

Intervale Center is the gem of Burlington’s North End, its existence enhances farm viability and land sustainability, and more broadly as we serve as a model for food and farming organizations throughout the world.  It is thanks to the Intervale Center that Intervale Community Farm, Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm, Half Pint Farm, Pitchfork Farm, Sugarsnap, and Stray Cat Flower Farm get to exist and foster the localvore lifestyle of Vermont

With all of these earth-loving, planet-saving businesses its no surprise that this Earth Day is going to be a great one!

Get outside, pick up some trash, plant a tree and revel in all of what Vermont has to offer today, and forever if we keep taking good care of our wonderful world!