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Casella Waste Systems is committed to making a difference

Founded in 1975 as a single truck operation in Rutland, Vermont, Casella Waste Systems opened the first recycling facility in the state in 1977.

From their humble Vermont roots, they’ve grown through a commitment to making a difference in our local communities. Together with their communities and their customers, they work to deliver environmental and economic value through leading-edge waste and resource management solutions. At Casella, they see waste as a valuable resource, an opportunity for thoughtful and disciplined innovation. They’re conserving and renewing resources to create a sustainable world for future generations.

photo of Casella Waste Systems dump truck

Join Casella Saturday, September 14th for their annual open house at Coventry Landfill

Highlights of the event include tours of our facilities, kid-friendly games, Casella trucks on display, great gifts, and cool prizes. This event provides insight into how we operate our modern-day landfills from construction and design to landfill gas to energy. 

photo of people enjoying last year's Casella Open House event

Casella Waste Systems has been a valuable community partner to the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce since 2003. 

To learn more about Casella, visit