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Member Spotlight: DominionTech

For nearly 20 years, DominionTech has proudly served local businesses in central and northern Vermont by providing them with a strong foundation of technology.  With solutions ranging from backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, cyber-security solutions or phone systems, they handle the demands of maintaining your IT infrastructure with long-term planning and a proactive approach, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

group shot of staff at DominionTech

Whether you have internal IT, or you want to completely outsource your IT support, DominionTech tailor makes their solutions to fit the unique needs of your business at a fixed price – no surprise costs here.

Fixed-Fee IT from DominionTech Means:

Customized Support Plans – our experts will get to know your business, your budget and what you expect, in order to deliver the IT Support Services that YOU want, not what we assume you should have.

A Proactive Approach – your dedicated Network Admin & vCIO help prevent potential disasters, such as data loss or downtime from happening, instead of reacting to the fire.  Helping to save you time and money in the long run.

Live Help Desk – our local help desk answers the phones live, so your entire team has direct access to help when you need it most.  24/7 emergency support is also available.

See What Their Clients Are Saying:

“It is a blessing to have the DominionTech employees looking after our IT environment.  Their understanding of the software we use daily is invaluable, and they are able to troubleshoot our issues much faster.  They make sure my computer is safe and secure with the most up to date security software and updates.  I feel my computer is secure enough to allow me to work remotely, which has been a major benefit during our busy season.  I sleep much better now that we have DominionTech as our IT service!”
– Dawn Dwyer, Town of Lyndon
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“DominionTech has been a key partner for Seventh Generation…I have relied on DominionTech for purchase advice, warranty support, letting me know what’s new or on the horizon and we’ve relied on DominionTech technicians for in-person technical support for the times when our internal IT staff is unavailable or simply needs the added support bandwidth that DT can provide.”
– Adam Quinn, Seventh Generation
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“DominionTech is known as our “Hero of the Day.”  We were dissatisfied with our previous tech support specialist.  It was during this time we found DominionTech.  DominionTech responds quickly and efficiently.  They are accommodating to all aspects of privacy and scheduling requirements concering a medical office.  DominionTech is personable, easy to work with, respectful and professional…without being stuffy!”
– Lynne Moon, Timber Lane Allergy & Asthma Research
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