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Member Spotlight: Evan Webster Ink

In 2009, Evan Webster was living in Brookline, MA trying to find an outlet for his creativity. While playing volleyball with friends, he wondered: could we print our team logo on knee pads? During his research, Evan stumbled onto screen printing. From a DIY book on screen printing and the internet, Evan was able to build his own press. He was able to screen print on the knee pads, and then moved on to an item that is easier to print and has higher demand: T-shirts.

Evan started printing shirts for friends and acquaintances. He purchased his first six station manual press. From there, his business continued to grow by word of mouth. He was a one man show handling everything including sales, graphic design and printing.

In May 2012, Evan moved to Vermont. After a brief stint of printing from his house, Evan moved into a shared space at Shelburne Green in Shelburne, VT where his business continued to grow and thrive. In early 2017, Evan purchased a ten station automatic press so he could handle the ever increasing volume as well as take on more complicated and colorful jobs. The rest, as they say, is history.

After a recent move, Webster Ink is now located in a custom designed space in a new building at Shelburne Green. He loves the idea of creating jobs and a great place to work. He also enjoys being part of the community. “We have great clients. We enjoy being a local screen printing source for local farms, breweries, restaurants, designers and artists, festivals, nonprofits and a variety of local businesses and organizations. Being a mid-sized shop, we are able to provide the personal attention, and the graphic design and printing expertise to our clients. Doing our job well allows our clients to do what they do well. We enjoy being their partner”.

Webster Ink can handle your screen printing jobs from a couple dozen to 10,000+ piece runs. They have a consultative process to work with clients to create a​​final product that matches both their goals and their audience’s needs. Their graphic design team is ready to take your sketch, idea or vector art and make it a reality. Their print crew will use their experience to deliver a final printed garment that is attractive, interesting, impactful, comfortable, and environmentally kind because….“If it isn’t great, why make it?”

Learn more about Evan Webster Ink and check out their portfolio on their website.