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Member Spotlight: MajorWise

MajorWise is a matchmaker software that automates the job and intern search process for high school students and employers.

MajorWise, the winner of the 2017 LaunchVT competition, was founded by Peter Silverman and Max Robbins, two college roommates who found themselves having trouble finding local jobs for the summer related to their major. After doing some research, they realized that many of the businesses in Vermont have less than 10 employees. These businesses don’t normally hire students for internships because internships require too much of a commitment. However, they do need help executing marketing strategies, making graphics, and communicating with customers, but can’t afford that for 30 hours a week. Realizing that something needed to be done to close this gap, Peter and Max launched a platform to help Vermont students find local jobs, internships, projects, and gigs. By the end of 2016, they had created the most trafficked job boards for jobs in Vermont, helping hundreds of students find jobs and gain experience.

MajorWise was founded by college students Peter Silverman and Max Robbins in 2015.

They connect local businesses with with students for internships, volunteering and part-time jobs. They build relationships with students and employers and create a beautiful dashboard for employers to post jobs and for students to apply. They keep in constant contact with everyone to ensure success.

Employers benefit from MajorWise in a myriad of ways.

  • Recruit the easy way
    The MajorWise software connects prospective employers directly with local students for internships, contact work and part-time positions. This process saves companies valuable time while also increasing their visibility.
  • Community involvement
    Getting your business involved with the local community is a recipe for success. MajorWise affords your business increased access to high school talent while also investing in the local community and next generation workforce. This will further elevate your position in the market and increase visibility for your applicant pool.
  • Completed tasks
    Hiring high school interns or part-time employees allows your business to complete entry-level business tasks while giving students valuable professional experience gleaned from their internship. It is a mutually beneficial opportunity.
  • Workforce grooming
    Employers that take on high school graduates can find part-time, volunteer or internship based employment as a great way to groom potential future employees. In addition to that, employing students in their high school years is a great way to give potential full-time employees a trial run.

Read more about MajorWise and how to get your business involved here.