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Member Spotlight: Vermont Works for Women

For over 30 years, Vermont Works for Women (VWW) has helped girls and women explore, pursue, and excel in work that leads to economic independence. They achieve this through hands-on programming where women and girls can:

Discover and explore financially viable jobs and career pathways;

Develop skills and confidence through mentorships, coaching, and training;

Find not just any job, but jobs that meet both personal and financial needs.

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VWW supports over 1,000 participants each year with programs that are responsive to the needs and experiences of girls and women. Supporting women—51% of the Vermont workforce—is essential to building healthy families and communities. And, at a time of historically low unemployment, Vermont’s economic future hinges upon our ability to develop every drop of homegrown talent to its highest potential. Investing in women not only increases the talent pool, it makes good business sense: diversity improves retention, innovation, and the attractiveness of a business as a place to work—all of which improves the bottom line.

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This leads to the final element of Vermont Works for Women’s approach – supporting the development of female-friendly educational and work places. For women to succeed, the workplace must value diversity, have policies that support the realities of working women, and provide men and women with equal opportunity for career advancement. In their commitment to, and advocacy for, gender equity and workforce development, VWW has a longstanding history of providing consulting services to technical centers, educators, businesses, and community groups.

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Recently, VWW joined forces with Change The Story to expand Vermont’s Business Peer Exchange – a program that works directly with business to help them identify and address barriers to recruiting and retaining women and promote a gender equitable workplace. To learn how you can help change the story for women in Vermont or to learn about our programs visit us at