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A Vermont Maple Vacation

There are four seasons in Vermont: summer, fall, winter and maple. When the nights are cold and the days are warm, trees bud, snow melts and sweet smoke curls from the chimneys of Vermont’s many sugar houses.

Vermont is the leading maple producer, generating more than 47 percent of the nation’s maple syrup.  With such a large industry as maple, Vermont ensures that when you are visiting the state, you are doing more than just slathering pancakes and stowing maple candies in your luggage but embracing all things maple.

Pay tribute to the creator

The idyllic image of red barns contrasting against snow is alive and well: Vermont is everything its postcard suggests.  Travelers not only can flood their Instagram feeds with captivating traditional Vermont imagery, but get a real feel for the life of a Vermont farmer. You can watch sugarhouses and tree tappers hone their sappy craft; shop in cute picturesque farm stores full of award-winning syrup; and end your trip with a maple cremee in hand.

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A maple what?

Maple-themed cocktails, maple lattes, maple cream cheese, maple butter, maple balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing--Vermont tastemakers get creative with the Vermont staple.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of maple, there is likely some variation of maple-glazed or -infused product that you’ll admire.

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Vermont was created by farmers, so a great deal of its history revolves around food. Take a deep dive into Vermont’s maple and agriculture past through guided tours, reenactments and lively exhibits.

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Georgia has the Georgia Peach Festival; Idaho has Spud Day; and Vermont has the Vermont Maple Festival. If you are really looking to let your taste buds go wild and get the full maple experience, the end of April’s Vermont Maple Festival is the way to go.  

Can’t make it to Vermont Maple Festival but want to try multiple Vermont maple products in one sitting? Good thing there are quite a few events to explore throughout the year.

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The Vermont maple culture is truly unbe-leaf-able!

Don’t wait another moment: book your trip to join us in the nation’s maple capital.