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A Vermont Mother’s Day to Remember

Mom deserves the moon...and a glass of wine

Your mom deserves some credit. While some wild animals were off eating their young, your mom not only refrained from making you into a meal but managed to shuffle you around, keep the fridge stocked and place cold washcloths on your head when you were running a fever.

This Vermont Mother’s Day, thank mom for all she has done for you and keep your position as the favorite child by making the day super special for her.

Need a bit of guidance? We have a few ideas.

Money Can Buy Happiness

So you want to buy mom something really nice? As you should. From hysterical Mother’s Day cards and handcrafted jewelry to spring bouquets and massage gift certificates, there are plenty of Vermont stores offering up something special for every type of mom.

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...But Experiences Are Better

Getting a gift for mom is nice, but mom likely also wants to spend some time with you. Head out to brunch, hop on a train or take a cooking class together: make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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Is There An Award for Being the Best at Planning Mother's Day?

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