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7 Presidential Things to do This Presidents Day in Vermont

What to do, What to do...

Looking for something fun to do this Presidents Day? We have some ideas. From shopping to snowshoeing, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained. But in case you’re worried, here are seven president-worthy activities that past presidents would have loved to do with their day off. 


Beer glasses in rows

1. George Washington

Like many people in the eighteenth century and today, George Washington’s drink of choice was a nice beer, brewed small scale at Mount Vernon. Luckily for us, beer has continued to be a common drink of choice, especially here in Vermont. Not only do Vermonters like to drink beer, but we also like to brew it! City Brew Tour is here to help beer lovers experience 20 of Vermont’s local breweries creative creations.

This Presidents day weekend we invite you to raise a glass to our first president and enjoy what Vermont’s breweries have to offer.

Microphone in focus on a stand, with people blurred in the background.

2. Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Abe Lincoln was a total jokester known for using humor as a tool to make politics more approachable, but also just for the sake of being funny. In Burlington, we know being funny is a hard job that should be left to the professionals (and the amateurs on Wednesdays). When you’re looking to laugh, Vermont Comedy Club will never let you down!

The front view of the ECHO center

3. Theodore Rosevelt

There are many presidents who enjoyed the outdoors and worked to preserve the land, but it is Theodore Roosevelt who stands out as a true environmentalist. He has been considered the father of conservation. Roosevelt’s conservation work paved the way for many other environmentally focused organizations, such as Echo, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.

Echo is a family-friendly non-profit organization whose mission is to “inspire and engage families in the joy of scientific discovery, wonder of nature, and care of Lake Champlain.” Through their interactive science center that overlooks Lake Champlain.

Hands in the air at a concert

4. Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton plays a mean tenor saxophone and has a strong appreciation for music. This President’s Day weekend is the perfect time for you to show your appreciation for music like Clinton does, by reveling in some live music at ArtsRiot.

A man skiing on a mountain with trees in the background

5. Gerald R. Ford

Vermont is called the “Green Mountain State”, but in the winter, “White Mountain State” would be a more fitting name considering that we get on average 75 inches of snow each winter. This much snow means there is non-stop access to snow-based activities, the most popular being skiing. Skiing has evolved since the 70’s when President Gerald R. Ford went on his ski vacation, but it is still just as fun of a way to spend time outdoors when tanning by the lake just isn’t an option.

There are a lot of ski mountains in Vermont, but we recommend checking out Jay Peak Resort, Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Bolton Valley Resort, and Sugarbush Resort.

Ben & Jerry's umbrellas with banners in the background

6. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson LOVED ice cream, he is even given credit as the first known person to write down a recipe for vanilla ice cream! Vermont is lucky enough to be home to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory. The factory offers tours every 30 minutes from 10:15 am- 5 pm, so you’ll be in no rush to eat your ice cream before or after your sweet tour.

A very fancy meal on a white plate

7. Barack Obama

Like most people, President Obama is always excited to try the local cuisine when he is visiting a new place. He is known for being willing to try anything from diners to top end restaurants. We appreciate this openness here in Vermont because we have a diversity of restaurant types that each offer up their own unique and delicious menus. Check out our Local Dining page to guide you to the perfect meal.