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happy dogs panting at camera

Schedule a Dogcation

See Spot run. See Spot jump. See Spot vacation in Vermont.

Being a dog is hard work. Between cleaning up kitchen crumbs, defending the house from squirrel burglars and announcing guests, a man’s best friend deserves a vacation—and so do you! Luckily Vermont is very dog-friendly. Plan a weekend getaway for you and your trusted furrball with this tail-wagging packed itinerary.

Hotel for Dogs

You could sleep in a tent, or you can share a king and order room service with your best friend. Avoid the mosquito bites and bask in the lap of luxury: Vermont lodgers accommodate dog guests without sacrificing top-tier service.  

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Share Your Scraps

This is vacation; your dog deserves more than kibble. In addition to being home to some of the most mouth-watering farm-to-table fare, the Vermont restaurant scene welcomes Fido. Many restaurants--especially those on the Church Street Marketplace--are dog-friendly and ready to pour your pup an ice cold bowl of water.

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Doggie Networking

Whether you want some alone time or feel your dog could use some non-human companions, there are a number of doggie daycare and boarding services available in Vermont.  Provide your dog with opportunities to get tons of off-leash exercise, increase social skills and practice manners. Discover your dog’s home away from home.

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grab a drink

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: cheers to the weekend with your best friend. Crack open a cider, or share a beer flight. Bring your pup along for the ride as you explore Vermont’s vibrant beer and hard cider scene.

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"bark" if you like souveniers

Want to remember all the great times you had? Dress your dog as a gangster or western bartender for the perfect photo op, or outfit your dog with Vermont’s finest flannel: bring home more than just memories but a souvenir.  

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