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Your Guide to the Best Vermont Breweries

Vermont Loves Beer.

In Vermont, we adore beer. In fact, we have the highest number of breweries per capita in the US, making it easy for us to drink it all year round. We have beers brewed specifically for the muggy summer heat and the far below freezing temps. With all these seasonally matched brews, how could you not keep drinking them?!

With so many breweries it’s hard to know and pick which ones are going to be worth your time. That’s why we’ve created Your Guide to Vermont Breweries, brewed with information about our five favorites.

1. Magic Hat Brewing Company

Magic Hat is a Vermonter through and through. Based in South Burlington, they have become a staple in Vermont restaurants, homes and beyond. Although you can probably find Magic Hat’s elixirs where you live, you can’t find the Vermont Only Pilot Batch Beers. Don’t be a muggle, and come try them!

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2. Switchback Brewing

Switchback only came to be in 2002, meaning they aren’t even of a drinking age yet! Luckily the brew masters, and the people who enjoy their beverages are. In 2017 Switchback did something very cool: they made their company 100% employee-owned. They are the only Vermont brewery to run on this model. With all those owners, you better believe they create a beer worth drinking!

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3. Foam Brewers

Foam was started by an eclectic group of industry professionals who appreciate brewing, science, art, music, and culture. This shines through with their nightly live music and beer can label collaborations with local artists. Foam crafts brews with imagination, using unique flavors to create exciting and curious tastes. With an ever-rotating tap selection and special can release events, you’ll have to come back again and again.


4. Vermont Pub & Brewery

Vermont Pub & Brewery is Vermont’s original craft brewpub. Which is a big title to hold in a state known for its beer! Started in 1988, Vermont Pub & Brewery has only gotten bigger. With a tasty and broad selection of brews from ales to sours, there is bound to be something you’ll love, and something you’ll be surprised by. Vermont Pub & Brewery have been in the brewing game for a while, and they keep scoring, making them an easy choice as one of our favorite Vermont Breweries.

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It's time we pass the pint to you...

Now that you are equipped with some introductory beer knowledge, we encourage you to find out more about Vermont Breweries. We promise it will be a hoppy time when you come to visit, taste and experience our beers!

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