Trip Ideas

Enjoy Time in Vermont Experiencing what You're Passionate About


Burlington is the gateway to a region brimming with stunning vistas, localvore delights, cultural heritage and outdoor recreation. We've hand-picked these specially curated trip ideas and themed excursions to help you immerse yourself in all that Vermont has to offer. Experience the many enticements along the coast of Lake Champlain and into the mountains.

Vermont’s Champlain Coast Wine Trail

Lake Champlain’s deep waters create a micro-climate favorable for growing grapes, apples and other fruit popular with vintners. While wines and ciders from this region have won international awards, it's best to taste the terroir yourself! A tour along the Wine Trail allows you to taste an impressive variety of wines, ice wines and ice ciders, within the vineyard or orchard where they are made.

  Bike the Lake Champlain Region

Fantastic bike paths and velo-vetted road routes await cyclists in Vermont. Cycle along the Burlington Bike Path and up to the Island Line, or tour the Champlain Islands by bike. Lake Champlain Bikeways offers trails throughout the region, and even multi-day itineraries for cycling around Lake Champlain. From here, you can also pack your passport and bike to the border and enter Canada to cycle through rural southern Quebec.

 Take a Scenic Drive

From the Lake Champlain Islands to Addison County, the 134 mile Lake Champlain Byway offers a scenic driving route to outdoor recreation, shopping, galleries, historic sites and vibrant downtowns along the northern shores of Lake Champlain. Get off the highway and explore our small towns and cities!  

  Vermont in the Civil War

During the four-year War Between the States, one in every nine Vermonters took up arms. Statewide, 34,000 men enlisted and by the War’s end, more than 5,224 of the Green Mountain State's soldiers died of wounds or sickness. Explore the museums, exhibits and markers that commemorate the contributions made by these Vermont soldiers and the many who made an impact on the home front.

  Vermont’s African American Heritage Trail

Travel along Vermont’s African American Heritage Trail, celebrating the lives and stories of Vermonters whose life’s work focused on issues of equality and freedom. The trail takes visitors to Vermont museums and cultural sites where exhibits, films, tours and personal explorations illuminate the lives of African Americans for whom the Green Mountain State was part of their identity. Visitors meet teachers, storytellers, activists, ministers and legislators who bring this important history to life.