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Our Impact

Local Impact

This past year the Vermont Council on World Affairs welcomed 226 international visitors to Vermont  through the International Visitor Leadership Program and other custom programs. From our local network of partners and professional meeting hosts, we have coordinated 117 professional meetings within the last year between our visiting leaders and Vermont city residents. Through our speaker and Ambassador Series we have hosted 27 speakers discussing important topics ranging from relations on the Korean Peninsula to the relationship between the United States and Albania.

Our events and programs provide community members with unique opportunities to foster long-standing business and personal relationships, and result in a more vibrant, diverse, globally-conscious, and prosperous community.

Programs administered by our organization contribute approximately $1,275,578 to the Vermont area economy annually through the use of local hotels, transportation companies, and other vendors.

Global Impact

From our local network of volunteer partners and meeting hosts, we coordinate over 117 professional meetings between our visiting leaders and Vermont city residents each year.  Through these professional exchange programs:

  • We equip emerging leaders to solve increasingly complex challenges facing our interconnected world.
  • We prepare young international professionals and entrepreneurs to be competitive in the global workforce.
  • We enhance our national interests overseas by building better relationships with world leaders.
  • We promote cross-cultural engagement and challenge negative perceptions of United States overseas.

Annual Report

In 2019 the Vermont Council on World Affairs facilitated over 73,000 points of cross-cultural engagement.  Learn more about our work’s local and global impact in our 2019 Annual Report.