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Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Each summer, the VCWA welcomes a cohort of Iraqi high school students to Vermont as part of a two week exchange called the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP).  IYLEP participants stay with local host families as they explore themes of leadership development, civic rights and responsibilities, respect for diversity, community engagement, and social entrepreneurship.

In 2020, the VCWA is welcoming a cohort of young Iraqi leaders to Vermont between July 19 and July 31.  Their program goals are to:

  • Develop skills in leadership and civic engagement among participants enabling them to be active change-makers in their communities;
  • Foster respect for diversity and a stronger understanding between people of different ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds;
  • Build mutual understanding between people of Iraq and the U.S.

Interested in hosting an IYLEP participant this summer?  Let us know below!

Photos from IYLEP 2018 and 2019