Lake Champlain Region Virtual Area Guide

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce officially partnered with the Google Street View "INDOORS"  team to bring the popular Google Maps "Street View" technology INSIDE your business establishment at half the cost of non-member businesses. Chamber member packages start at $199. You can't miss out on this important tourism, shop local, and Google Local marketing benefit. Click here to take a tour of the Virtual Area Guide.

Street View Indoors Details:

  • The Set-up package for chamber member businesses is $199 and includes the following;
  • We make sure your Google Maps listing exists and is configured to receive the “Street View Indoors” imagery
  • Two tripod setups at your place of business (each being a 360 degree panoramic image)
  • A copy of your published Street View virtual tour to display on your own website for one full year
  • Inclusion in the Chamber’ Virtual Business & Area Guide

The tripod spots can be spaced as far apart as needed with the only restriction being that we must maintain a visual line of sight from one spot to the next.

If you need additional tripod spots in order to include all the spaces you wish to show, you may add those at the time of the scheduled photo shoot for $60 each (beginning with spot #3).  Please keep in mind that depending on the layout of your facility you might need additional tripod spots in order to show off the spaces you want to include, and with that, the line-of-sight requirement may cause the need to add more tripod spots in order get to those spaces, i.e., hallways, turning corners, maneuvering around large objects, etc.

We publish the 360 imagery directly to your Google listing for your business where they will enhance your Google Maps, Google Search, and Google + page, and remain there indefinitely at no additional charge for that.

As listed above, your initial set-up fee covers a one-year license for you to display the Google Street View virtual tour on web sites outside of Google Maps. You will receive from us a version of your Google Street View Tour to display on as many websites and social media sites you wish and are free to do that for one full year without additional charges.

At the beginning of year 2, you have the option to extend that display license for another year for just $199.  If you opt not to extend that license you will be required to remove the Google Street View Tour display from all websites outside of Google Maps.  It will also be removed from the Chamber’s Virtual Business & Area Guide upon license expiry.  Opting out of the license extension does not remove your tour from Google Maps, except in the case there is found to be a display rights / license violation.