The Vermont-Quebec Enterprise Initiative (VQEI) was born of the belief that the historic relationships shared by Québec and Vermont provide an excellent foundation upon which to build even greater economic ties. For centuries, the state and province have seen families and businesses migrate back and forth across the border bringing with each migration a deeper understanding of family, culture, history and shared experiences.

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There are many successful companies that got their start in Québec that now house part of their operations in Vermont. Likewise, Vermont companies look to Québec as its largest trading partner. These ties that bind us can and should only get stronger.  Each year, $5 billion in trade crosses the border, most of that goods imported from Canada into Vermont.

The VQEI is focused on bilateral, value-added, economic development. We know that Vermont is the best place for a Québec company seeking a US presence. Our state offers world-class educational, arts, cultural and lifestyle opportunities. Our communities are true neighborhoods where residents quickly feel they are welcomed and at home. For any company that values its workforce and thei families and that is looking for a partnership with government, there is no better place than Vermont.

That is why the VQEI has organized the resources that Québec companies need to consider when expan- ding across the border.  We understand that cross-border business can come with challenges that need to be navigated strategically in order to avoid any serious consequences or penalties. The VQEI is here to connect you with a network of professionals who can make cross-border business as easy as possible.

Throughout the year, the VQEI offers a high-quality program of content-rich events that enables companies to explore and expand their networks.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news and events or contact us at:

Gail Stevenson, Director
802-863-3489 x. 203 or vqei@vermont.org




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